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released October 18, 2012



all rights reserved


MAAD Benidorm, Spain

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Track Name: Help!!
Who knows how long she will last? If we don’t see what will come
Tragedies everywhere they say we need to change
Our abuse and carelessness, are leaving her weak and desert
Breaking into pieces and drowning in her own blue blood

Yourself can try to make a better place
Changing wrong conciences , to save… the place where we lived

Our irresponsibility is a knot that paralizes her
And doesn’t let her flow drying her skin her soul cracks
Like a virus we infect her we destroy her ethereal heart
OnlyI hope some day she stops feeling like a…

Slave, of our behavior she can’t breath, the noose slowly kill her
Now, we must listen her screams of rage before it’s too late.
Track Name: No Guidelines
Blurry lines show the way I must follow
I rubbed them out when I learnt to be my own guide
My soul in now like a shadow
It is still following me, and constantly lives and dies
Like a sight, I will disappear from here
Leaving only the air, and a little of my fragrance
A thousand years are not enough to understand
My mistakes although maybe this is one of my great achievement
It is not too late for me, I used to tell myself this,
Without knowing I wasn’t’t lost

And I no longer can keep my faith
Don’t tell me this is the work of god

Tears on my hands slide down and drawing the pain
That awakens my conscienceness again…
Words don’t mean anything to me
Tears on my hand slide down as they sink on the ground ereasing
The trace of my steps…
Guidelines don’t mean anything to me

I always thought I was in a place,
Where I didn’t’t have to look behind me
I always thought I was further away
from this scream that pushes me too enter
There is no reason to understand why I was
Always in a prison, that never had a key
There are no reasons, I was only a coward

There are no questions because there are no answers
There is no going back
Many doors appear… in front of me
But only one has… the word destiny
This is the one I will, leave behind, leave behind…
The trace of my steps… words don’t mean anything to me…
Track Name: Crossroads
Fleeing from fears is not a good idea
Sooner or later you will have to face them
The world turns around me stay alive one more day
Climb up higher everything´s been so hard
So much time without knowing where to go
Yet the road is still hazy

Stalled and not able to move on
It´s not worth it
Seeking for the right person´s help

It is about time to see results
Getting out of the whole
It´s just a few days away
It is about time to see results
It´s time to wake up

No one´s said, it´s easy to fall down endlessly
And not able to get a grip
Darkness has eclipsed my life for so long
Rise up and don´t look back
We´ll never know where to go
Until we travel on the road
Track Name: Animal
Hurricane under the radar, Doors that close for awaiting a last sign
To pierce the veil and match, Myths to the stark reality you must overcome...
Smiles with icy sparkle, Acoustic poison when you talk.

If I am an animal, tell me, what is
The innate inherence in massacring?
If I am an animal tell me what is
The origin of our instincts

Did reason flee the challenge of a duel?
Stabbed by resentment we no longer any more

In the end, the life and his disguise,
They lose the sense on having accepted the victory of the random.
To ignore the advices that ultimately
They can be harmful it is vital to revive...
Smiles with icy sparkle, Acoustic poison inside

If I am an animal, tell me, what is
The origin of our instincts

Did reason flee the challenge of a duel?
Is not there any light left in God?
Annihilated soul, is there no trace of forgiveness?
Stabbed by resentment we don’t doubt whether any more